State senator details potential redistricting moves

Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer details potential changes in several congressional districts. Bottom line seems to be that heavy growth in Mecklenburg County will allow Sue Myrick to shed about 120,000 voters. This in turn may allow McHenry to shed Republicans toward Shuler’s district. Another big move is to shed Democrats from Kissel’s district to Watt’s, thus allowing a trade in the Triad as Watt’s district is truncated on the northern end.

Closer to home:

Other moves could affect Democratic Reps. Brad Miller of the 13th District and Mike McIntyre of the 7th.

Miller could lose Democratic voters to the 1st District or the 4th District, both already considered safe Democratic districts.

McIntyre, a conservative Democrat whose district leans Republican, could lose Democratic voters in Robeson County and pick up Republicans farther up the coast.

If lawmakers remove parts of Raleigh from the 2nd District, that could firm up Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers’ hold on the district she took last fall from Democrat Bob Etheridge.


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