State senator lambasts Democrats for 2009-10 spending spree

WRAL’s Laura Leslie has an interesting report from the state senate today:

Bob Rucho’s been around the chamber a long time. The Mecklenburg Republican and Finance chair is in his sixth full term in the Senate. His comments tend to be fairly pointed, but I’ve never heard him go off on a tirade like he did today. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone in that chamber go off like that.

To put it in context, the Senate had been in debate for about 45 minutes. The minority Democrats had introduced an amendment to S13, the “Balanced Budget Act,” seeking to protect funding for areas they say are critical to state job development and business recruitment. Seven Democrats had already spoken on the amendment, admonishing the GOP for seeking to cut job-creation programs.

Rucho had had it.

You can watch a video report from Leslie at the link above.

I agree with Sen. Rucho of Mecklenburg County 100 percent and don’t see anything untoward about his comments or demeanor. He spoke the facts and those facts should make North Carolina Democrats uncomfortable. Otherwise, they learned nothing. Spending the stimulus money for recurring expense was a disaster. The tax increase was a disaster. They paid for it at the polls, as they should have, and Rucho is right to continue to hold them accountable.


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