Education Tax Credit Bill Filed Today: Expands educational options for those who need it most.

RALEIGH – A bill filed today in the North Carolina General Assembly would allow families to receive a tax credit for sending their children to private school. House Bill 41, “Tax Fairness in Education,” would give families a tax credit up to $2,500 a year against their state income taxes while saving millions in tax dollars.

Darrell Allison,President of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, applauds the bi-partisan measure that would increase educational options for low and middle income families.

Allison expects the bill, if passed, will help thousands of families afford quality education for their children and provide much-needed savings for the state as legislators consider severe budget cuts. North Carolina would join 14 other states that currently have nonpublic school choice options.

“Today’s filing is the latest in a growing list of major educational reform efforts that will increase school options for North Carolina families that want the best for their children but cannot afford it,” Allison said. “I would like to praise Rep. Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford) for co-sponsoring this important measure. Rep. Brandon has shared with me in our previous conversations the need for parental school choice when black males are finishing high school at a dismal 41.7 percent rate. I appreciate his leadership in working across the aisle with House Majority Leader Paul Stam (R-Wake) and other Republicans and I’m inspired by his passion in supporting parents who want more for their children. I hope this bi-partisan measure reaches the point where families can benefit from it.”

Wednesday’s filing comes one day after Allison, along with a Charlotte mother, stressed the importance of eliminating North Carolina’s charter school cap during a Senate Education/Higher Education Committee meeting. With more than 20,000 families across the state waiting for a charter school seat, removing the cap, along with today’s measure, will greatly benefit families who don’t want to settle for the status quo, Allison said.

“This is not about agendas or politics,” he said. “Parents should have the freedom to make the best educational options for their children. As a world superpower competing to keep pace with other countries in math, science and technology, we must do everything we can to help our children succeed.”


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