Boycott of CPAC by anti-gay conservatives is closed minded

I agree with The Southern Avenger, aka Jack Hunter, as usual in his column on gay boycotting and CPAC:

Yet now, some social conservatives seem ready to jump ship over the mere tolerance of homosexuals. When our greatest national threat was perceived to be radical Islam, social conservatives seemed more than willing to make questionable alliances with gay-friendly politicians. Now that many perceive our greatest threat to be an economic one, some social conservatives seem to believe that making alliances with gay-friendly groups somehow poses more of a threat than the debt itself. This is political schizophrenia.

For the record, I support most state and local measures that would make homosexuals more accepted in our society. That said, I also have tolerance for social conservatives who generally hold negative attitudes about homosexuals. Both views deserve to be discussed, debated, and heard. A truly big tent Republican Party must include members with different and often opposing positions. Yet, if the GOP is to remain a single-issue party, the issue of spending is a better coalition builder and more appealing to voters than permanent war.


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