Republicans and Democrats circle North Carolina as the key to 2012 victory

RALEIGH – The Democrats just raised the stakes. By selecting Charlotte to host the DNC in 2012, the Obama campaign put North Carolina Republicans on notice: 2010 was a fluke, 2008 is the new normal.

They could be right.

In 2008 "Obama for America" and dozens of liberal activist groups descended on North Carolina — unleashing thousands of out-of-state volunteers. The unprecedented grassroots bombardment — combined with over $14 million in TV ad buys in just two cities, Charlotte and Raleigh — pushed Obama over the top (by just 14,000 votes) and sent Bev Perdue to the governor’s mansion.

The 2012 Obama blitz in North Carolina will dwarf 2008.

But there is hope for the conservative cause in the Tar Heel state. Last year volunteers made over 2 million phone calls, state and local campaigns knocked on thousands of doors, and Tea Party groups organized countless rallies. Legions of first-time political donors gave $25, $50, and $100 gifts to the North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus, helping the GOP win the state Senate for the first time since 1870.

It took 140 years to win the majority in the North Carolina Senate; let’s not give it right back to the Democrats 2 years later.

Victory is possible in 2012. But it won’t be if we wait much longer. The NCRSC needs your help. We need to raise $50,000 now, before presidential candidates take center stage, to fund the 2012 campaign effort and remain in the majority.

Your contribution of $30 can pay for 100 mail pieces, getting the conservative message out to voters across North Carolina.

If you believe in what NC Senate Republicans are doing — balancing the state budget, cutting spending, and creating a business climate for job creation — and you don’t want a repeat of 2008


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