More to come …

It’s like a broken record sometimes, the Democratic playbook that is. Take this notion from Gary Pearce that Governor Perdue should play politics with teachers and sales taxes in order to get herself reelected, because we all know that’s what is most important, right?
Extending the “temporary” one-cent sales-tax increase would get North Carolina through the budget crisis without laying off one teacher or teacher assistant.

No cuts in the classroom … If she proposes that, no doubt, the legislature will reject it. Fine. Let them make the classroom cuts – and take the heat.

I would rather see the two sides find what works and fund it. Find what doesn’t work and kill it.

Simple, really.

But I’ve seen this movie before, in 1996 at both the state and federal level.

My hope is that the Republican Majority in Raleigh can find away to deliver modern, efficient and scandal free state government. Let the Democratic machine take the heat for politics as usual.


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