Alston a disgrace to good government

Updated: As a commentator, sometimes you miss an angle that clouds your view of the facts. That may be partially the case with this post. See this link for more on how the situation began.

I’ve yet to make heads or tails of Greensboro, and by extension Guilford County, racial politics. But in the decade I’ve followed that area I’ve come to learn one thing: Skip Alston is a total disgrace to the idea of good government.

Petty, personal and vindictive. Take for example this week when arch-nemesis Billy Yow, a commissioner from a rural part of the county, criticized Alston for being involved in a discussion of a failed website design effort by a company that Alston has social ties to. How does Alston respond? He takes a good government question and turns it into an opportunity to go after Yow and make Yow look like a dumb hillbilly.

See, Yow, who owns a well drilling firm in addition to a family farm, adopted a handful of cows from the county animal shelter several years ago. The shelter had no place to store the cattle and were looking at incurring expenses in order to house them until adoption. Since the owner of the cattle did not come forward to claim them, the county could have incurred thousands of dollars of expense in storing and feeding the cattle.

What did Yow do? He adopted the cattle like any other member of the community could. He paid the $100 per head fee as any other person would and took the cows home. Cost to the county? Zero.

Now Alston wants to claim that Yow is crooked because he “profited from keeping at his farm stray cattle rounded up by the county’s animal control.”

See Skip you don’t even understand ethics to begin with. The comparison of the two situations is an ignorant attempt by Alston to deflect attention from his role in a failed business deal that cost Guilford County more than $45,000 for which it received zero services.

Alston is a disgrace and I challenge all conservatives in Guilford County to find a candidate in his district and defeat him at the next election.


3 Comments on “Alston a disgrace to good government”

  1. Roch101 says:

    I’m not apologist for Alston, but you’ve really misstated, if not misunderstood, what happened here. Commissioners Yow and Gibson did not take to scolding Alston for his “social ties” (whatever those are) to the website company, they insinuated publicly that Alston had engaged in improper activities, possibly illegal activities, by getting the website company the County’s business, accusations for which they had, and still have, no evidence. They got convenient assists in their hallucinations from the Rhino’s John Hammer and the News & Record’s Doug Clark.

    So, there is, actually, a great deal of equivalence between the two situations, despite your characterizations that one was legitimate and the other unjustified. Both were unfounded accusations, fabricated around distortions of the facts and put into play for the purpose of political one-up-manship: Both situations ridiculous, all three parties an embarrassment.

  2. jhs says:

    Roch: I’ll grant you that I have only observed the discussion from the blogs (ed, yours, fec’s, news-record). I wasn’t aware of how the website issue was brought to the fore front.

    I’m no Yow apologist, but Alston could have taken the opportunity to say “Yow and Gibson don’t know what they are talking about” instead of retaliating in kind.

  3. Roch101 says:

    Like I said, ridiculous and embarrassing all around.

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