Tillis on ABC privatization

WUNC radio’s Laura Leslie has moved over to teevee and is producing web content for WRAL. She has a post today on Speaker Tillis and his views on ABC privatization:

“We have not seen the data the Governor has used a basis for her decision, so we are not yet in a position to make an assessment. Privatizing the ABC system will be considered as part of our broader analysis of the scope of government as we look for opportunities to solve the budget crisis.

"We will begin with the analysis the Governor’s staff has completed, and we will complete our own assessment as we identify areas we may privatize. It is imperative that we leverage public/private partnerships to put North Carolina on sound fiscal footing.

As with Berger’s interview this week with Doug Clark, I like the message I am receiving from the new legislative leadership that rational policy is take the driver’s seat over social ideology.


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