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It’s like a broken record sometimes, the Democratic playbook that is. Take this notion from Gary Pearce that Governor Perdue should play politics with teachers and sales taxes in order to get herself reelected, because we all know that’s what is most important, right?
Extending the “temporary” one-cent sales-tax increase would get North Carolina through the budget crisis without laying off one teacher or teacher assistant.

No cuts in the classroom … If she proposes that, no doubt, the legislature will reject it. Fine. Let them make the classroom cuts – and take the heat.

I would rather see the two sides find what works and fund it. Find what doesn’t work and kill it.

Simple, really.

But I’ve seen this movie before, in 1996 at both the state and federal level.

My hope is that the Republican Majority in Raleigh can find away to deliver modern, efficient and scandal free state government. Let the Democratic machine take the heat for politics as usual.


NCGOP Chair Hayes statement on Republican legislature

What an exciting time it was for Republicans last week in Raleigh!

2010 proves elections do matter as we Republicans worked so hard to elect the new, conservative leadership in Raleigh that is already moving our state towards a new direction and a better future. After being sworn-in, our Republican leaders are already working to cut spending, lower taxes and create jobs. They started laying the groundwork for creating a more business-friendly environment in North Carolina, challenging Obamacare and ending charter school limits. Click here to watch Senator Berger discuss the Senate’s priorities in the upcoming legislative session.

Governor Perdue started off the session by backtracking that she might extend the “temporary” tax increases on all North Carolinians. A Greensboro News-Record editorial stated this week that “(t)he people have done their part, paying the higher taxes despite their own financial hardships.” It’s time for the Governor to do her part – work with the Republican leadership to balance the budget without raising taxes.

Also this week, I was able to speak to a group of conservatives and tea party activists. I told the group I am committed to giving CPR to our Republican Party: Conservative Principles Restored. To grow our party, we must continue to stand on the principles on which our Party was formed. Click here to watch the rest of my speech.

In the last Chairman’s Corner, I asked for your ideas how the NCGOP can better serve in 2011 and 2012. One thing that stood out was a lot of Republicans are aware of the tough task facing our candidates in the next election. In 2008, President Obama had 21,000 volunteers working to turnout voters. Be assured that Obama and his machine are desperate to hold on to power that they will do almost anything to win again.

We need to start now! February and March is full of county precinct meetings, Reagan Day Dinners and other ways to get involved. Go to to find events in your area and let’s start getting organized.

Via email and the NCGOP Facebook page, your ideas and suggestions poured in and here are a sample of those that were submitted:

· Be truthful and down to earth with the voters
· GOP must stand for higher morals and strong conservative beliefs
· Actively involve more grassroots people
· Make NCGOP website more cohesive and easier to navigate
· Utilize social media to effectively communicate
· We need more outreach to the youth and college voters

Thanks again for all the great suggestions, and be sure we will make these priorities moving forward in 2012. Please keep sending suggestions, questions, and concerns to Hayes.

Remember, the 2010 Elections are not over, I just sent a personal contribution to Greg Hassell! Please go to and contribute to Greg’s legal defense fund. Greg is in a legal battle over irregularities occurring in the Washington County Sheriff’s election and needs our help!

As you are asking your neighbors, friends and colleagues to become Republicans and support our candidates, I wanted to share something from a recent church lesson.

Last Sunday, my pastor asked our congregation to fill in the blank on the following statements and it really resonated.

Our tongue indicates our ____________ level.
Our tongue indicates the ____________ of our _____________.
Where our _________ goes, our ______________goes.

Our words have consequences so take a step back and ask, “Where is your tongue taking you?”

Please fill in the blanks on your own and share this thought with others. Next Chairman’s Corner, I will share my answers with you.

Remember – recruit, motivate, activate and let’s give CPR to North Carolina and America!


Robin Hayes


As with much omnibus legislation, it’s the small details that need further examination:

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, appointed to the bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, ruled that the reform law’s so-called "individual mandate" went too far in requiring that Americans start buying health insurance in 2014 or pay a penalty.

"Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void. This has been a difficult decision to reach, and I am aware that it will have indeterminable implications," Vinson wrote.

Conserving the land

One of the views that will differentiate Piedmont Conservative from other conservative outlets is that we believe in land and natural resource preservation as a central tenant in "conservatism":

What the N.C. Coastal Federation’s Todd Miller said is true: Good environmental policy is good economic policy. Business-minded Republicans who now control the General Assembly would be wise to remember that before making drastic changes to some of the rules that make North Carolina appealing to retirees, entrepreneurs, families and new companies.

Stiffer is better

Anytime one reads about an innocent person killed by a drunk driver it should make their blood boil. Someone is doing something about it:

Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, wants stricter laws to keep drunken drivers off the roads and behind bars.

The North Carolina General Assembly reconvened this week. Once some housekeeping issues are handled, Moore plans to introduce Laura’s Law, a bill that would call for stiffer penalties for repeat DWI offenders.

“We’re going to work it hard and try to get this thing passed,” he said.

Moore and his staff have been drafting the proposal. He hopes to introduce the document in the next two weeks.

Democrat split could open door for GOP governor candidates

A recent poll shows that NC Democrats are split three ways over the current governor:

The Civitas Institute-commissioned poll released this week, shows 29 percent of Democrats and unaffiliated voters say they would vote for Perdue in a Democratic primary for governor if an election were held today. Thirty percent said they would vote for a different Democrat and 35 percent said they are undecided. Six percent are not accounted for.

Perdue is apparently undaunted by the low approval numbers, which are not surprising given the November election results which shifted the power of both General Assembly houses from Democrat to Republican for the first time in more than a century

Tarheel banker a no-go as head of Fannie and Freddie

Smith remains head of the state’s banking commission:

North Carolina Banking Commissioner Joseph A. Smith Jr. is ending a bid to become the next head of the federal agency overseeing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together own or guarantee more than half of U.S. mortgages.

Joseph A. Smith Jr. asked not to be renominated to the post leading the Federal Housing Finance Agency, according to a statement released by a White House official on Friday.